Atomic physics lab at Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Univ. of Agr. & Tech.

Hatakeyama Group


Control of the internal and motional states of atoms using a spatially periodic field

When an atom travels through a periodic field, the internal resonance transition occurs as if it was irradiated with resonant electromagnetic radiation. This phenomenon can be used as a new type of atomic manipulation technique.

Keywords: Laser cooling/Matter wave/Periodic potential/Transparent magnetic film/Magnetic resonance


Light-induced atomic desorption in alkali vapor cells

We investigate the mechanisms of light-induced desorption (LID) of atoms from a glass surface. The LID is a useful method to supply an atomic gas under ultrahigh vacuum conditions.

Keywords: Surface/Adsorption/Desorption/Clusters


Anti-spin-relaxation coatings

We investigate anti-spin-relaxation coatings, which are the keys to many precision measurements, including atomic clocks, optical magnetometers and quantum information processing.

Keywords: Optical pumping/Magnetometer/Spin polarization/Alkali vapor cells/Coatings