Atomic physics lab at Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Univ. of Agr. & Tech.

Hatakeyama Group


Surface Process of Spin Polarized Atoms

We investigate the processes of spin polarized atoms at solid surfaces to obtain important knowledge and techniques for precision measurements and quantum control using polarized atoms. We are particularly interested in the properties of anti-spin-relaxation coatings, the control of atomic spins on magnetic surfaces, and the transfer of spin angular momenta between gas and solid.

Keywords: Optical pumping/Spin polarization/Anti-spin-relaxation coating/Magnetic material/Spin transfer


Light-Induced Atomic Desorption

We investigate the mechanisms of light-induced atomic desorption (LIAD) from solid surfaces. It is one of the interesting photo-stimulated phenomena for adsorbed atoms. The LIAD can be used to supply atoms for laser cooling under ultrahigh vacuum conditions, and contribute to advances in small atomic clocks and experiments using unstable nuclear atoms.

Keywords: Surface/Adsorption/Desorption/LID/Laser cooling/Atomic clock